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Discover 5 Great Ways To Take Back Your Life

Published: May 1, 2019 by Kevin B

What does Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and positive thinking have to do with one another? Many people that suffer from ADD often develop negative patterns in their thinking process. They might also get frustrated more easily while dealing with certain challenges in life. Having constant thoughts of negativity or a dismal outlook on life only reinforces the difficulty in facing those challenges, which makes it harder to move forward.

However, practicing and utilizing positive thinking will allow individuals with ADD as well as others, to clearly focus on accomplishments and strengths in life, which helps to motivate and generate happiness. Because of this, individuals can devote more time for progress in their life and less time feeling useless and not moving anywhere. Here are 5 simple suggestions that will help you take back your life and put you on a path towards positive thinking.

1. Keep Repeating What You Are Grateful For In Life
Many challenges will not seem as bad when you remind yourself over and over again of the good things in life. Dedicate a few minutes each day and give appreciation to all the goodness that exists. No matter how small things might seem, they can still have a big impact on your life.

2. Get Rid Of The Negative Thoughts
Negative thoughts can grow, and grow fast. But, they can't control you unless you allow them to. Once a negative thought or feeling is in your mind, immediately break away from it and forget about it. The only way you can take back your life is by getting rid of the negative thoughts.

3. Take Your Life Back Simply By Giving Back
One of the best ways to feel good about yourself is simply by helping others. Try volunteering your time or maybe even donating more. Many people have certain skills that can be useful to some charitable organizations such as carpentry work, plumbing, electrical, computer repair, cooking and more. Volunteering your time and effort has a way of generating positive energy in the universe. The more you put out there, the more you will get back.

4. Increase Positive Energy By Being Social
Many people who are lonely, often generate negative feelings and emotions. In order to take back your life, you need to become more involved within social communities. Creating a social atmosphere for yourself and being around others who are positive will help you to generate positive energy for a happier life.

5. Think About Yourself
How can you take back your life? Start by taking better care of yourself. Being positive is a whole lot easier when you feel good about yourself. Get outside and go for walks or a bicycle ride. Start noticing what you are eating and begin eating more foods that will be healthier for you. Start exercising or become involved with activities within your community that will help you to feel better about yourself. Are you getting enough sleep? Make sure you rest enough each day as this can be a powerful boost in energy and positive thinking.

Being more positive about yourself is simple, surround yourself with positive people. Take back your life by letting go of the negative thoughts, emotions and feelings that have been holding you back from being happy, productive and energetic. Learn how to get organized and stay organized, which will help to reduce stress and negativity. But, the most important thing is, learn to move forward from the thoughts that have been keeping you from your own personal success.

5 Benefits To Pre-Planning Services

Published: May 1, 2019 by David M

While it isn’t anyone’s favorite topic, planning ahead can take a lot of the stress and uncertainty out of life when it comes to losing a loved one. Whether you are considering pre-planning services for yourself or a loved one, you are making a wise decision. Having arrangements pre-made gives you peace of mind in knowing that things are taken care of so that when the time does come, you can focus on what really matters. 

Benefit #1: More Time to Decide

Waiting until a loved one passes to plan services puts most people in a time crunch, of sorts. There is a sense of urgency to make decisions and get the funeral wrapped up within a week or so of the death, which can add a level of pressure to an already stressful situation. If you plan ahead, you will not have to worry about any last-minute or hasty decisions. You can take your time to review all of the options and make sure that you get exactly what you want. 

Benefit #2: Alleviate the Family’s Obligation

Pre-planning for your own funeral is going to take a lot of stress and responsibility off of your spouse, children, or other family members that may have been involved in the funeral arrangement process after your death. You can alleviate the financial and emotional burdens by planning ahead and having everything in place. Then, their only responsibility is to call the funeral home when the time comes. 

Benefit #3: Leave No Bill Behind

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages to pre-planning a funeral is that you can also pre-pay for all of the services. Often, payment arrangements can be made to help alleviate the expense associated with funeral and burial services. The funeral home can also help Your loved ones will have enough final expenses to worry about after your death. This doesn’t have to be one of them. 

Benefit #4: Services are Often Transferrable

Funeral pre-planning is a common practice among funeral homes. Most arrangements can be re-established with another funeral home (including the pre-payment transfer) in the event that you move or have another reason for wanting to switch funeral homes in the future. 

To learn more about Stackhouse-Moore Funeral & Cremation Services, visit our website or call any of our locations today. We offer an array of funeral arrangements and pre-planning services, including cremation, urns and caskets, assistance with death benefits and more.  

How to Improve Your Sleeping Posture

Published: May 1, 2019 by Molly G.

Getting quality sleep is very important for your physical and emotional health. As such, it is important to understand how you can enjoy a restful night and get the best out of your sleep. Your sleeping posture has a great contribution in determining how you sleep and whether you will wake up fresh and rejuvenated.

If you normally wake up with muscles stressed and you body aching, changing your sleep posture is very important. With that in mind, we will discuss a number of ways to help improve your sleeping posture thus improving how you feel during sleep and after you wake up. Here are the tips: -

Have the right beddings

Before we even discuss this topic further, it will be important to note that your beddings normally play an important role in determining how you sleep. The kind and quality of mattress you sleep on, the sheets and the blankets/duvet you use will determine whether you will enjoy a relaxed sleep or not. 

As such, you should make sure that your mattress is comfortable while at the same time making sure your sheets are breathable and made of the right material. If your mattress is already old and uncomfortable, buying a memory foam mattress could be a great idea. However, if you do not have all the money to do a complete changeover, adding the best memory foam mattress topper could also do the magic.

Avoid eating late into the night

Eating late into the night (especially too much hard-to-digest food) can prove very discomforting when you sleep. In order to improve your sleep posture, it is advisable that you eat at least 1-2 hours before bedtime to allow the stomach to digest the food a bit.

Undigested food normally causes your body to work overdrive and this can deprive you of comfort and rest even while sleeping. The body heats up as the system works to breakdown the food and this will definitely have an effect on your sleep.

Use the right pillow

The kind of pillow you use will determine whether you will enjoy your sleep or not. Your pillow shouldn’t be too hard or thick but instead should be soft and firm enough to offer the desired support to your head and neck. 

Additionally, it should comfortably take the shape of your body and align the head comfortably. As such, you won’t snore at night or wake up with a stiff neck or headache. Your pillow should also be positioned right under your neck and head and not under the shoulders.

Loosen up and release stress

Life can give you a beating during the day and the accumulating stress will definitely affect your sleep. As such, it is good to loosen up and let go of the stress both on your mind and body. One of the best ways to do this is to take a long warm bath, relaxing in a hot tub or doing some yoga before bedtime. 

With this, you will freshen up and go to bed with your body and mind more relaxed. Sleeping with your mind and body calm will undoubtedly be of great benefit to you as it’ll help improve your sleeping posture.

There are other things you should consider such as sleeping in the right position. With different sleeping positions, you should choose one that is comfortable for you and practice it regularly to help master the same. 

You can either assume the ‘side position’ or opt to sleep on your back with your stomach facing up. Additionally, you can decide to sleep on your stomach with your head facing sideways. However, the bottom line is to ensure that you are comfortable and are waking up with your body and mind rejuvenated.

7 Ways to Increase Your Focus and Get More Done

Published: May 1, 2019 by Maire K

The modern way of life is full of distractions. We are surrounded by so many things which can be hindering our productivity and damage the potential. Most of the users are already so used to distractions that we start looking for one after a while.
If you can put a stop to things like distraction and multitasking, your productivity level will definitely skyrocket. In today’s post, I will share some working tips to increase your focus and reduce the distractions.

Planning ahead in the night before could be an excellent way to increase your focus on the following day. Identify the two most important tasks you have to do the next day and write them down. On the next day, do these two tasks before you do anything else and you will accomplish a lot already.

You also need to be careful about the potential sources of distraction and keep a safe distance from them. If possible, turn off the notifications on your mobile and computer. Another proven strategy is to limit your email checking frequency.

You will be more focused when you are comfortable with the environment. Therefore, it should be a priority to get comfortable with the atmosphere. Adjust things like your clothing, seating arrangement, music, temperature, furniture location, document management system etc. Find out which settings suit you best and keep them like that.

If you want more control over your wondering mind, you should practice some kind of meditation. While most people think meditation takes a lot of preparation, which is not true at all. Sitting still for five minutes could be a great meditation too. Start with the basics and gradually move towards the advanced techniques.

Another big step in increasing your focus is to set achievable goals. There is no problem with bigger goals. But you need to break the large goal into small, manageable chunks so that you can accomplish them one by one. Otherwise, you will keep thinking and make plans about the bigger goal, while not taking any actual step to achieve the target.

When it comes to increasing your focus, you can’t ignore the importance of sleep. Depending on your condition, you need 7-8 hours of sleep every day. Some people prefer to sleep less and work more. While that may work in the short-term, they will definitely face problems in the future. They are highly likely to lose the ability to focus completely on something.

Delaying gratifications could be another effective way to increase your focus. Instead of allowing that activity instantly, make it a reward for accomplishing something important. When you have a motivator ahead, you are more likely to be focused and engaged in your work.

Bottom Line

So, these were the best ways to increase your focus and get more done. Try to follow as much of this advice as possible and you will be amazed with the result. Let me know how these tips work out for you.

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